The Great Lakes Women’s Business Council (WBC) provides leadership development and training for its women business owners through execWE events and programs to meet the needs of the members of the Great Lakes WBC.

Hear how Corporations are pledging to work with suppliers that adhere to sustainability standards. 

What you’ll gain

  • Understand how sustainability in your business model is a growth driver and competitive advantage
  • Participate in Corporate-Led Sustainability Roundtables
  • Design Your Own Sustainability Strategy
  • Keynote Expert Shares Importance of Sustainability as a Business Model
  • Receive a guide to design a sustainability plan
  • Hear firsthand from women business owners who are leading with sustainability
  • Network with corporate members in a discussion of sustainability measures
  • Acquire informative links to sustainability resources


execWE focuses on developing second-stage business management skills for women business owners who are serious about growing their businesses. The executive education program is an opportunity for women business owners to interact with other women entrepreneurs, executive-level leaders, and learn from industry and business development experts. Programming of execWE positions the woman business owner to gain a skilled and competitive advantage.

Participants walk away with the tools to succeed in a fluctuating business landscape and how to navigate complex relationships and gain clarity on building and leveraging their networks. execWE is a unique interactive, enthusiastic, program of dynamic content with applications for an exceptional business model.