WBE Services

Women Business Enterprises (WBE) Services provides certified WBEs with the tools and resources to maximize their certification via webinars, forums, educational series, and engagement opportunities.

Certified, Now What?

Now that you are certified, attend the training webinars to discover the opportunities, and learn how to leverage your WBENC WBE certification. Webinars are for WBE owners and business development team members.

WBE Onboarding Webinar (Monthly)

The WBE Onboarding is an introductory webinar and overview of how WBENC and Great Lakes WBC is here to support your business growth.

WBE Toolkit Training Webinar

The WBE Toolkit training will outfit you with the strategies and tools to maximize your new certification. This webinar will strengthen and grow your WBENC network and opportunities.

WBE Forums

WBE Forums offer Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) with opportunities to build relationships and increase capacity. Quarterly sessions are held at various locations within Michigan, Indiana, or virtually. WBE Forums include a corporate presentation by one of our corporate members and an opportunity to network with other WBEs.

WE Succeed

Provide transformational learning and development to equip WBEs with the steps to growing sustainable businesses and maximizing growth opportunities. 

What To Expect? 

Modules are designed to provide access to subject matter experts on topics that impact women in business and to cultivate relationships among WBEs and corporate members of Great Lakes WBC. Learning will take place in Module Hall sessions, Activation Breakout rooms, and WBE Peer Labs. 

Who Should Participate? 

Women Entrepreneurs in business for 2 or more years looking to:

  • Scale their businesses 
  • Succeed despite obstacles 
  • Cultivate strong relationships with WBEs

WBE Peer Labs

Great Lakes WBC is providing continual learning through WBE Peer Labs. Peer Labs will serve as cultivating groups that will meet following each module. Participants will be assigned a Peer Lab Group at each module.


Module One | May 25, 2021 | Succeed in Procurement Preparation
Module Two | July 27, 2021 | Succeed in International Opportunities
Module Three | September 28, 2021 | Succeed with Marketing in a New Era
Module Four | November 30, 2021 | Succeed with Corporate America and Corporate Communications

WE Succeed Executive Library

Coming Soon Password Protected Access to Library

Events and Engagements

Check the events schedule for the entire region and partners.