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MentorWE Sponsors & Supporters

MentorWE is a group mentoring initiative, which pairs certified women business owners in an industry/sector-specific cohort with an established woman business owner(s) in the same field to advance and develop their businesses through corporate executive and peer mentoring. It is designed to build up women-owned businesses through other executive women-owned businesses’ power and strength.

The mentors are women that know your struggles, met your pain face to face, walked your walk, and with strength and determination, they found success not only in the value of a dollar but by helping another woman navigate their way through their journey. New mentees are invited by Great Lakes Women’s Business Council annually.

MentorWE Launched

On January 25, 2019, MentorWE launched with an orientation and kickoff hosted by Ford Motor Company. The inaugural cohort specializes in construction and construction-related companies. Through MentorWE, WBEs will have the opportunity to increase their business understanding in various areas while enhancing their leadership, networking, and communication skills through facilitated modules over nine months.  

MentorWE was formed by the desire to provide mentorship to women.  Great Lakes WBC Board Member Angela Henderson, Senior Purchasing Manager for Supplier Diversity Development for Ford Motor Company, passion aligned with the vision of Michelle Richards, Great Lakes WBC Executive Director, to form MentorWE. 

What MentorWE means to me

Sometimes we know we have the potential to do great things, but as women, we may need an encouraging word, a pat on the back, and at times a push over the edge to help us go to the next level. We all come from different walks of life, and we probably do not know our sister’s story besides us. When we leave judgment at the door, our status in the workplace and gossip has no entry. We work to build each other up, open doors of endless opportunities, and sit back, kick off our shoes, and WEsip together on whatever beverage that soothes our soul.

The program does not guarantee contracts or new business with peer WBE and/or corporate executive mentors. MentorWE offers tremendous benefits that will affect positive business development. Past mentees reported results from the MentorWE program:

  • Achieve solutions to business challenges
  • Build visibility in the WBE network
  • Develop relationships with corporate executives and successful WBEs within various industries
  • Encouragement to expand into new areas
  • Exposure to best practices
  • Great Lakes WBC is a beacon of positivity and purpose
  • Improved business strategies and enhanced marketing materials
  • Network and collaborate with our mentors and fellow mentees
  • Obtain a vast array of ideas and information for the business
  • Work collaboratively with others

MentorWE mentees and mentors are by invitation only. Stay tuned to learn about the next MentorWE session.

MentorWE Announcments

We are excited to announce the next cohort application cycle for MentorWE, an initiative of Great Lakes Women’s Business Council. A diverse cohort of women business leaders will have the opportunity to bring their business challenges and develop goals to advance their businesses through corporate executive & peer mentoring.  During the 9-month program, participants work within a diverse cohort to sharpen their business acumen in several areas while enhancing their leadership, networking, and communication skills led by advanced women business leaders. Since 2019, 82 certified WBEs have participated in the program and have achieved phenomenal business and personal results.  By design, the cohort’s objectives are self-defined at the start of each program cycle. 

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MentorWE Sponsors & Supporters