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“Metamorphustice™” by Megan Fuciarelli: Laying The Foundation of Accessible Social Justice Reform

March 12, 2024

Summary: Megan Fuciarelli’s “Metamorphustice™” emerges as a pivotal guide for engaging with social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This book not only offers reflective prompts but also actionable steps for those ready to partake in personal and societal transformation.

Detroit, MI – February 5, 2024 – Megan Fuciarelli, esteemed Founder & CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of US² Consulting, proudly announces the launch of her book, “Metamorphustice™.” Designed as the first installment of a comprehensive series, this publication is dedicated to encouraging self-reflection and proactive engagement in social justice reform. With its official release set for March 13, 2024 through major outlets and availability to pre-order now, “Metamorphustice™” marks a significant step towards accessible social reform.

A Movement Towards Change In celebration of the book’s release, Megan Fuciarelli will invite anyone that purchases the book to an exclusive book launch community. Anyone that pre-orders a copy will receive an invitation to join via the email they provide. This unique opportunity serves as the kickoff for a sequence of dialogues aimed at fostering deeper understanding and collaborative action in the realm of social justice.

About Megan Fuciarelli and US² Consulting Megan Fuciarelli, a fervent advocate for empathetic social justice reform and a former school superintendent, has garnered international recognition through her TEDx Talk and extensive speaking engagements. At the helm of US² Consulting, Fuciarelli champions the cause of bridging societal divides through empathy, understanding, and empowerment.

Personal Reflections from the Author “Profound change starts with the self,” Megan Fuciarelli reflects. “‘Metamorphustice™’ is crafted to accompany you on a transformative journey towards greater insight and action. It’s a privilege to share this endeavor and observe the waves of change it sets in motion.”

Join Us in the Movement We warmly invite you to be part of this profound metamorphosis of justice by obtaining your copy of “Metamorphustice™.”

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Megan Fuciarelli, retired superintendent of schools and Founder & CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of US² Consulting, is a dynamic force in social justice. Based in Michigan, she leads a dedicated team focused on uniting society through equity and inclusion work. As a Certified Woman-Owned and LGBTQ-Owned business, US² recognizes the impact of having a seat at the table. With a rich background in presenting, Megan’s impact extends globally. Her TEDx Talk, “When Implicit Bias Becomes Explicit,” has captivated audiences, showcasing her ability to navigate
complex discussions with grace. As the author of “Metamorphustice™: From Savior to CHANGEmaker,” Megan provides a concise guide to navigating social justice reform, emphasizing self-reflection and actionable steps. Her commitment to fostering understanding without guilt, shame, or blame positions her as a thought leader driving positive change.

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