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Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners

Excellerate Associates

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Excellerate Bootcamp for Business Owners

Building business resilience regardless of circumstances

Strategize. Systematize. Scale. Succeed.

Thur-Fri Oct 20-21, 2022

In the spirit of our Wellness Protocols, physically-distanced seating and other

processes are in place to ensure the health and wellness of our attendees.

Business Owners Share Their Experience at This Boot Camp:

The Wake Up Profitable Boot Camp for Business Owners draws in successful small business owners committed to scaling their business. Here’s what they reported:

  • Designed a scalable business model
  • Identified an organizational structure to live into
  • Identified a marketing strategy for easy implementation by the team
  • Increased productivity by over 40%
  • Improved sales 90% in 30 days
  • Freedom to enjoy life by aligning and systematizing their business

Business Owners also report that they:

  • Designed multiple income streams with a leveraged and scalable business model
  • Aligned their business model with their natural hardwiring
  • Increased sales by redefining their sales system and sales flow
  • Increased their pre-qualified leads through their own lead generation system (while eliminating cold calling)
  • Crystallized their target market and marketing messages
  • Systematized their business and marketing
  • Got clarity on their Contribution in the World
  • Shifted their negative and self-sabotaging beliefs into positive success-minded ones
  • Identified packages to maximize how they charge for products and services
  • Increased the level of their personal productivity and focus
  • Brought their goals and objectives into existence through the Business Blueprint
  • Designed a Signature Program/Model distinguishing their company in the market.

Who Participates

High-achieving business owners participant in this two-day strategic event. This is for you if:

  • You’re a life-long learner, high achieving, and have a deep desire to give back.
  • You have a high interest in shaping a profitable business you love leaving a legacy through the work you do.
  • You are interested in living life fully, making choices consistent with your contribution in the world and pursuing what’s most important.

This is also for you if:

  • You know that you’re missing out on opportunities.
  • You would like to reduce overhead, increase efficiency, and add resilience to your business model.
  • You wish to discover how to reverse the sales process and have your prospects choose you, instead of you chasing them.
  • You see value in developing a pre-qualification system that empowers you to understand your client’s state and mindset prior to discussing your products and services.
  • You tend to be the bottleneck – things don’t get done without you doing them or approving them and you want to change that.
  • You want to know how to build and best motivate your team.
  • You “get” that systems give you leverage and want to better facilitate your customer interaction from initial contact to follow up.
  • You want to easily and effortlessly overcome objections of others and show the true value of the products and services you offer while expanding your revenue streams.
  • You want a framework that scales your business and delivers quality products and/or services regardless of the circumstances.

Apply code to waive tuition: WBEN22

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Oct 20, 2022
Oct 21, 2022