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WEupdates – Women-Owned Success Stories

February 5, 2021
• Be LEAN: Risk Mitigation for COVID-19
• Michigan Stages Survival Grant 
• Women-Owned Success Stories
• Recording: Tools to Help Your Business Succeed Internationally

Michigan Launches $55 Million Small Business Survival Program

The Michigan Small Business Survival Program will provide funding to 15 local economic development organizations (EDOs), who will then administer grants to eligible small businesses that have experienced a significant financial hardship due to the recent COVID-19 emergency epidemic orders.

Be LEAN: Risk Mitigation for COVID-19

Joy Mason, Strategist Optimist Business Solutions

While we must be safe, we must also consider how to prepare our businesses to survive and thrive. Taking the LEAN approach will mitigate risk by helping you focus on what matters most.

Join LEAN strategist Joy Mason as she provides tactical tools to help you to mitigate your cybersecurity risk.

No Cost to Attend | A Virtual Presentation

Wednesday, January 27 | 12 PM 

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Certified Woman-Owned Success Stories

Catherine Koch | K-Tec Systems

K-Tech Systems heavily supplied the OEMs, and when the pandemic shut the economy down, Cathy’s business saw a sheer decline. As a certified WBE, she knew she was a part of an incredible network full of peers, resources, and support with the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council network. Watch Cathy’s story, and learn what certification means to a resilient WBE. 

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