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Local Troy Manufacturing Company Signs
Agreement to Produce Sheltron Inc. Products

January 13, 2023

Contact Information:
Unified Business Technologies, Inc.
Cathie Abad Vice President,
(248) 225-1597

JANUARY 11, 2023, TROY, MI. Unified Business Technologies, Inc. (UBT), Troy, MI; a
woman-owned small business recently signed an agreement with Sheltron, Inc. for the
design and manufacture of products for two of their divisions.

EVSheltron, BoostHub line of Green Energy Solar Electric Vehicle Charging
Stations. These revolutionary charging stations can be positioned and operational in a
single day without breaking concrete. BoostHubs are mobile so customers can move the
multi-port charging stations to different locations on their property to optimize charging
station access for the customer.

BoostHub can be powered by electrical grid, solar, or through a hybrid blend of grid and
solar technologies. BoostHub also guards against obsolescence through the periodic
swap out of chargers to keep pace with changing technology.

BoostHubs have many options including display screens for entertainment (or
advertising); an external UL916 “Smart Meter” for stand-alone service; and an Intelligent
Control Package with cellular data service to support user access control.
UVSheltron products for surface and air disinfection. These products reduce
contaminants and pathogens that cause influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome
(SARS), Coronavirus infection and more. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a safe and
effective alternative to chemical disinfection methods.

UBT, located in Troy Michigan is a Department of Defense contractor, specializing in
innovative manufacturing, infrastructure, and technology. UBT is celebrating 20 years in
business and has been voted “Top Place to Work” by the Detroit Free Press in 2021 and

  1. Visit our website at
    Sheltron Inc., is committed to providing sustainable products that are energy efficient
    using clean energy sources whenever possible; and improving the social, economic, and
    environmental well-being.
BoostHub | Simplifying EV

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