Haith Johnson

December 17, 2020
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Le’Host was adversely affected by losing great talented staff members. Half of the staff members could not return after the Executive Order (EO) was lifted due to being infected by the virus and/or some took other jobs where essential workers were being hired. We noticed a higher increase in shipping prices for my supplier’s orders to come in. It slowed down deliveries. My business is located in a downtown area, heavily dependent upon walk-in traffic the pandemic have cut in-store traffic down 65% – 75%

Being connected to the MentorWe program has brought so much value to me as a business owner as well as my company to obtain many resources as I have had to restructure my systems procedures for changes the has happened. MentorWe has assisted my business to grow in the right direction. I have so much more confidence and making crucial decisions for my business being a part of this program it is a safe place to grow and be vulnerable with other business owners as they lean their expertise and suggestions truly is priceless.

I am very pleased to be able to participate in this program. The collaborations Between all of the women is amazing sharing ideals and ideas, it’s a great support system to help to know you have other like-minded people working towards a common goal of being successful by providing contribution as well as our triumph and defeats, are so beneficial to one another.

Haith L. Johnson CEO
Le’Host, LLC
305 West 9 Mile
Ferndale MI 48220

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