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Brenda Oldham | RAM Insurance & Financial Services

March 17, 2021
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“It’s a way to grow your business cost-effectively. [Women-Owned] Certification is going to set you apart in being a true entrepreneur.” Explains President & CEO of Ram Insurance and Financial Services, Brenda Oldham. Brenda’s business has been certified Woman-Owned for several years now. She is a true advocate of every Woman-Owned business getting certified.

Brenda opened RAM Financial Services 22 years ago. She has been in the insurance and financial industry for 34 years. Wow – talk about passion! We asked what continuously fuels her passion for her industry and business. Brenda responded, “I really enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. When I can show them fees and risks and add to their bottom line…When people set financial goals, to then watch them reach those goals, that makes me feel good!”

Brenda Oldham highly values being certified Woman-Owned and a part of the Great Lakes WBC Network. She explains that her certification sets her apart from other businesses that are not certified Woman-Owned. The network also gives her access to corporate contacts and other incredible women business owners that provide so much support.

Brenda’s business model required a quick transition when the pandemic hit and economic shutdowns began closing businesses and travel. She explains, “We had to change! My business is a relationship business…We had workshops that were in person, and those had to be canceled. We had to learn how to use Zoom.” Even in the face of uncertainty and a changing industry landscape, this WBE showed true resilience. “I couldn’t just sit around and worry…I had to get busy!” In fact, she highlights how helpful the webinars were and continues to be from the Michigan Women’s Marketplace. She concludes by saying that the year ended much better than expected.

RAM Insurance & Financial Services offers financial planning services such as annuities, Roth IRA’s, Traditional IRA’s, and more. They additionally offer insurance products like life, health, medicare supplement, and more. Brenda explains that “You have a busy life and need a financial professional who will make the financial analysis process as simple as possible. Our goal is to help you take care of the important financial decisions so that you can concentrate on your family, business, and other activities.”

RAM Insurance & Financial Services
141 N. Milford Rd
Highland, MI 48357

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