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WEupdates – WBE Forum: Courageous Conversations

October 23, 2020


  • WBE Forum – November 10th
  • Marcia Barnes & Truckers Against Trafficking
  • Haith Johnson Donates Wigs to Fighters
  • Congratulations Belinda Turner-DuBois 
  • Grants Available from Michigan Works!

Title Graphic Marcia Barnes

WE wanted to give a huge shoutout to Marcia Barnes (Woman Business Owner and founder & CEO of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing):

In 2019, Marcia won the Great PITCH! Competition, and donated the $2,500 in winnings to Truckers Against Trafficking (through NPO Transportation, for this organization has been a prominent advocate of TAT). As generous as this may seem, it was not enough for Marcia. This year at the Business Conference, upon receiving the ‘WBE Role Model of the Year’ award, she matched her previous donation with an additional $2,500!

Where does this generosity come from with Marcia? She explained that tithing is an essential part of her life. She recommends setting a tithing budget. Everyone can take part because even the smallest donation (of Time, Talent, and Treasure) can make a huge difference.

In addition to her most recent donation, Marcia also donated her CARES Act money and donated time and resources to aid the homeless population in Indianapolis.

Please share this note of generosity, and spread the love and positivity in our wonderful WBENC network. 

LeHost Fighting Pretty with a Wig Image

Fight Pretty with Wigs

Haith Johnson, Owner of Le’Host Wigs & Hair, is offering free wigs to women fighting breast cancer as well as others in need!

A woman’s hair is truly an essential part of her character and identity; during the fight against cancer, hair loss can be absolutely devastating. Haith saw this as an opportunity to help those women. She partnered with the American Cancer Society and created her own organization (Fight Pretty with Wigs) that donated beautiful, high-end wigs to women battling cancer, as well as children, burn victims, veterans, and others.

Haith is able to donate the wigs because of monthly sponsorship support. This month, the generosity of Cathrine King of Crown Talent Assets has provided several wigs to those in need. 

To learn more about the program and how to get involved, watch Le’Host’s video on our YouTube channel. 

Click to watch video

Belinda Image

Congratulations to Belinda Turner-DuBois on being promoted to Manager of CEED Lending!

Give Belinda a thumbs up on LinkedIn, and help us show how much we appreciate her. 

Michigan Works Southeast Logo

Michigan Works! Southeast is offering southeastern based Michigan businesses grants to hire, train, and develop employees through the Going PRO Talent Fund

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