Certification FAQ

  • What is a WBE? +

    WBE (Women's Business Enterprise) is an independent business concern that is at least 51% owned and controlled by one or more women who are U.S. citizens or Legal Resident Aliens; whose business formation and principal place of business are in the US or its territories; and whose management and daily operation is controlled by one or more of the women owners.
  • What exactly does it mean to be "certified as a WBE"? +

    Being certified as a WBE means that a business concern has gone through a rigorous and stringent certification process to confirm the business is owned, managed, and controlled by a woman or women.
  • What is WBENC and how is that different from my local/regional affiliate? +

    WBENC is the Women's Business Enterprise National Council and is comprised of 14 regional partner organizations. All of the partner organizations adhere to WBENC's stringent Standards and Procedures in their certification programs.
  • How does a WBENC certification differ from others? +

    The Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is the nation's leading third-party certifier of women's business enterprises (WBEs) for the private sector. In partnership with women's business organizations like the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council throughout the United States, WBENC provides access to a national standard of certification and provides information on certified women's businesses to purchasing managers through its Internet database, WBENCLink. WBENC certification is recognized and accepted by the majority of the major corporations across the U.S.
  • Is the size or length of time in business a requirement for certifiable companies? +

    There are no size or time requirements for WBENC certification.
  • What is the processing time for certification? +

    The processing time is generally 60-90 days once all documentation has been received by the Regional Partner Organization.
  • What is involved in the certification process? +

    The certification process is as follows: A business entity submits an application, along with the necessary supporting documentation and non-refundable processing fee. Great Lakes WBC has a trained Certification Committee that meets on a monthly basis. Once the applicant's file is complete (meaning all documentation pertinent to the business and legal structure has been received), it will go to the Committee for review. An on-site visit is conducted, generally during the 30-day window between Committee meetings. At the meeting following the site visit, a final recommendation is made regarding the applicant's eligibility. If certification is granted, the company's assigned contract will receive an auto-email telling them that they have been certified and may now access their certificate online. A formal letter will also be mailed.
  • Why do I have to supply my company's financial information? +

    Financial documents, such as the Profit & Loss Statement, provide evidence that the applicant is conducting the business as describing in the application. Documents such as the Balance Sheet and tax returns are used collectively to verify the ownership, management, and control by the women owners. Please note that the certification process does not evaluate the company's profitability or financial viability.
  • What if I don't have a document that is required? +

    Great Lakes WBC realizes that you may not have all the documentation we request. Should that be the case, please submit a letter with your documentation stating which documents do not exist and why.
  • What if my bank won't give me a copy of my signature card? +

    In place of the bank signature card, a letter may be sent from your bank officer on the bank's letterhead informing us of the authorized signatures on the bank account(s) and any stipulations placed on the account(s), e.g., two signatures required on all checks.
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Success Story

Business Name: GS Group, LLC.

Owners: Monica Stark & Denise Griffith

“We wanted to take control of our destiny”. This is the response of Monica Starks and Denise Griffith, Owners of GS Group LLC, on why they decided to start their own business. After stellar careers in the media and food and beverage industries, Denise and Monica made that decision definitively without much hesitation. “We both felt we had hit the glass ceiling in our respective careers”, says Monica.

GS Group LLC is the parent company of Green Solutions Environmental Services, Myleadtraining.com and Star Construction and Development. The company utilizes the owners backgrounds as a business consultant and expertise in environmental services. GS Group LLC services range from Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments to trainings and safety courses. It was at an Entrepreneurial Roundtable, funded by JP Morgan Chase, where Monica and Denise learned vital information for their business. “With the information we received that one day, we were able to receive our MBE certification, SBA 8(a) and HUBZone certification”. They have taken advantage of numerous opportunities to grow their business including attending the Great Lakes Women’s Business Conference, receiving a CEED Detroit loan and becoming WBENC-certified.

As Denise and Monica look toward the future, they are focused on growth through federal, state and municipal contracts. Their largest project is with the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency NVFEL Tank Farm expansion. However, there’s more. They want to be part of Detroit’s next chapter by creating jobs. “Our goal is to be a major employer in the City of Detroit and demonstrate that Detroit is still a great place to base your business”. GS Group LLC also nurtures other small businesses through their small business incubator, which offers affordable office space, access to a conference room and other support.

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