Educational Workshop

TUESDAY, September 24 | Early Bird Workshop  | 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Plan. Pre-nup. Preserve.

Join CPAs Ursula Scroggs and Jean Stenger and Attorney Lisa Stern in a lively discussion on how to protect and preserve your personal  and business assets. You will be educated and entertained by real-life stories and walk away with key strategies and best practices for your business agreements, marital agreements and estate and trust planning.

Jean M. Stenger, CPA | DKSS CPAs + Advisors
Ursula C. Scroggs, CPA | DKSS CPAs + Advisors

Lisa D. Stern | HertzSchram, PC

TUESDAY, September 24 | TRACK I | 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

6 Ways to Succeed as a Leader | Copper Room

Digital disruption is changing the world in which we live and work. New technologies and digital platforms have created new markets that create new customers and competitors. And those customers and competitors are driving new expectations. Learn the 6 Skills a Leader must build upon to be successful in an ever-changing environment.

Neetu Seth | Founder
NITS Solutions Inc.

How to Find, Hire, and Keep Talent in Today’s Market | Pearl Room

The war on talent is a continuing struggle for all businesses across the country today. It is exceedingly difficult for small & midsize companies to compete in attracting & keeping talent. Our employees are our greatest asset or our biggest problems. By putting some very practical processes in play, you can Find, Hire, and Keep the talent your organization needs to expand.

Lesley Delgado | President
Strategic Recruiting Services

Intellectual Property Basics for the Business Professional | Amethyst Room

This workshop will cover the basic forms of intellectual property (IP) protection, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets. Examples will be given of each form of IP protection, along with best practices in developing, protecting, and enforcing IP rights, both in the United States and internationally.

Kelly K. Burris | Owner & Founder
Burris Law, PLLC

Pitch Contest – The Final 4 | Gold Room

Did you know that 88% of B2WE buyers don’t see any difference between vendors? Did you also know that it takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression? Fortunately, there is a formula to impressing buyers and leaving a lasting impression during those networking meetings and cocktail parties. Learn from the final candidates and see which ‘pitches’ win to become the final four candidates!

Chala Dincoy | CEO & Founder
The Repositioning Expert

Speak So They Listen | Emerald Room

Business is about perception. We underestimate the power that even the smallest shift can make a HUGE difference in our confidence in speaking, leading, and engaging others. In this workshop, you’ll walk away having practiced powerful tools to speak so you’re listened to and understood. It’s efficient and respectful.

Jeneen McNally | President
Speak So They Listen, LLC

TUESDAY, September 24 | TRACK II | 10:45 AM - 12:00 Pm

Business Succession Planning & Preserving the Power of Certification | Copper Room

This workshop will focus on how to prepare for, plan and put into place your exit strategy for your business. It will address the unique needs of marketing, valuing and preserving/maximizing the value of your certification. The session will include practical tips and strategies of how to handle your business succession as well as forms that exit can be structured. I teach this workshop with the ORV Business Development Program and address size/scale with Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.

Cheryl L. Borland | Chair of the Firm’s Trusts & Estates
Griesing Law, LLC

Joining Forces - Understanding Joint Ventures for Business Growth | Coral Room

A joint venture (“JV”) involves two or more businesses pooling their resources and expertise to achieve a particular goal and entering into a joint venture is a major decision. This workshop provides an overview of the primary ways to set up a JV, the benefits and risks of a JV, what to look for in a JV partner, and how to make it work while remaining WBE compliant. Also, we will discuss mergers and acquisitions and when it may be best to utilize these growth strategies for your business.

Alari K. Adams, Esq. | Founder
A|Squared Legal Group

“Improv to Improve” Your Executive Presence | Emerald Room

Supercharge your Executive Presence! This lively, interactive session will introduce participants to the skills that actors and improvisers use for successful communication and dynamic presentations. These tools are being used in business and leadership applications, change management, design thinking and are even being taught in Medical Schools and in MBA programs.

Rachel Bellack | Director
The Improv Advantage

The Impact of Brand Experience and Why It Makes a Difference | Amethyst Room

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to create a positive moment that makes them feel great about doing business with your company. The FEELINGS that come up when they think of that story is the Brand Experience they have with you. In this workshop, you will learn the impact positive and “not-so-great” experiences have on your company, your clients and your future clients. You will walk away with a framework to help you gain greater recognition, loyalty and memorability from your raving fans!

Christina Concord | Owner/Business Development Consultant
Antina Promotions

Working in a Diverse AND Multigenerational Workforce | Pearl Room

What does this mean to you as an employee? Or, to you as an employer? Diversity programs have taught us the importance of managing cultural diversity in the workforce. Do 60-year olds, 40-year olds, 30-year olds and 20-year olds truly have different needs, behaviors and styles of communication? The multigenerational workforce is not a static situation, but a moving target. This workshop will help one navigate through the communication barriers within a department/organization.

Van Nguyen  | CEO
SocialMeSavvy, LLC


Great Lakes Women's Business Council Conference

Great Lakes Women's Business Council Conference

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