Tools For Success

Monday, September 23
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

10,000 Small Businesses 

10,000 Small Businesses (GS10kSB) is impacting Michigan companies by offering business and management education, business support services designed to address the specific needs of each individual participating business, and access to capital. Learn more about the program, criteria, and scholarship opportunity.

Molly O’Meara | Alumni & Outreach Manager
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

Achieving 100% ROI from Networking Events Before They Start

This workshop provides the tools and necessities needed to make any networking event a success. After many years of trial & error, CBI has mastered the techniques & habits to receive 100% ROI from any networking event they attend. This workshop will teach attendees every step & process they have created while explaining the mistakes & lessons they have learned along the way.

Hayley Owczarzak | Global Director of Business Development
Justin Emelander | Director of Marketing
CBI Telecommunications Consultants

Capability Statement: What Defines Your Business

Presenting your business in the best light possible WINS business. The Capability Statement is a tool that serves as a “door opener” in relationship building with decision-makers. It will speak volumes on your company’s behalf long after you leave the room. In this session, you will be guided in the development of the five critical elements of an effective Capability Statement. We will also review the do’s and don’ts when developing your Capability Statement. This is
an interactive workshop so bring a hard copy of your current capability statement.

Shawntay Dixon | Program Manager
Great Lakes Women’s Business Council

 Emotional Intelligence and Mindful Leadership: Hone Your Leadership Skills to Benefit You, Your Employees and Your Bottom Line

Interactive training on core components of EQ (self-awareness, self-regulation, social-awareness and relationship management), Strategies provided to improve aspects of EQ. Participants complete a personal SWOT analysis, taking a critical inward look at their strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in the context of being a leader to promote personal and business growth.

Heidi Reyst, PhD, CBIST | President
Sage Solutions Group

Women’s Business Advocacy: It’s Policy…Not Politics, What Every Woman Business Owner Should Know 

In today’s political environment and no matter which side of the isle you are on, it is critical for business owners to understand the policies that can affect their bottom line. In this session, you will hear  invaluable information on Capitol Hill’s hottest topics like WOSB program changes, procurement opportunities, tax code modernization, the state of the economy, infrastructure improvements, global market updates and workforce development policies. Join this dynamic session and learn how to let your voice be heard by staying in the know!

Candace Waterman, M.C.A. | President & CEO
Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) |


Great Lakes Women's Business Council Conference

Great Lakes Women's Business Council Conference

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