Success Story

Business Name: Bridgewater Car Care Centers, LLC.

Owners: Troy Bridgewater Sr.

Troy Bridgewater Sr. is the C.E.O of Bridgewater Car Care Centers LLC. In this role, Troy Bridgewater Sr. coordinates and manages teams providing all aspects of vehicle sales/service including consultation, restoration, and repair. He is a qualified Automotive Technician/ Instructor and holds Master ASE/State certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Excellence and the State of Michigan. As Bridgewater Car Care Centers, LLC was looking at expanding their business, they were introduced to the Small Business Detroit Loan Program. “The Small Business Detroit Loan Program provided me with an avenue to grow when no one else would”, says Bridgewater, Sr.

A big believer in the local community, Troy supports youths at the high school level, by providing employment with on- the-job-training. Troy Bridgewater is no stranger to automotives, having spent 21 years as a license technician and six years as a Community College automotive instructor which taught him the importance of sharing his knowledge with his customers as well as his employees.

Troy Bridgewater helps seniors, veterans, and the low income to obtain and/or maintain dependable transportation by way of sale/service.

After a successful career In the automotive industry, Troy Bridgewater Sr. now enjoys assisting others on how to achieve the same success.